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Unlike the NHS where you’d need to either refer in and wait for months on end or have your GP/Consultant refer you with private practice it is very easy to book in or call us to have an assessment or speak to a physiotherapist to see if physiotherapy is right for you.

Dylan the head physiotherapist is highly experienced and a specialist in the field of managing pain and injuries. He is able to treat all musculoskeletal pains, nerve pains, arthritis and even chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. If you have any questions then give us a call and we can discuss your optio

Usually the initial appointment is around 45-60mins long depending on what the patients needs are and the complexity of the problem being treated and assessed. Follow up sessions are 30mins long

This is an age old question for all physios and patients alike. The answer is that is depends on a multitude of factors. All of which will be explained to you within the initial consultation providing as much transparency as possible between us and yourself. In truth this depends on the severity of the injury, your response to treatment and your goals/ what your wanting to achieve while seeing us.. These things are always difficult to answer as this depends on the individual and other factors. At All Out Physiotherapy we don’t like putting definitive numbers on the amount of sessions needed. We can spend upwards of thousands on new mattresses, pillows, shoes with expensive insoles and even change cars which if you think about it are more expensive than physiotherapy and more often than not do not help with pain or the injury that your struggling with.

The short answer is it depends. Depending on your symptoms, how long you’ve had the problem and whether or not your improving with our treatments are all factors which are considered in order to need to be scanned. Dylan is a highly specialised Physiotherapist in this field and will be able to advise you on whether or not scans are needed.