What To Expect When Coming To All Out Physiotherapy

Dylan will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms and how they are affecting your life. We will also ask you about your general health, including any previous illnesses, surgery or injuries. These questions are important in helping to establish a diagnosis and to rule out anything more serious that may need referral to a medical doctor. 

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How it works

We Ask Questions

We ask questions about your symptoms, about how it happened and any relevant injury history or medical history looking for clues to find the cause of the injury.

We Listen

We listen to your problems as they provide vital clues to the root cause of your injury.

We physically assess and diagnose

We check how you move, your strength and nearby joints and muscles to figure out what is happening and the root cause of the problem.

We provide a plan and treatment

Providing a plan of action and a treatment plan makes sure we know and you know how to fix the injury/ pain. It keeps things simple and easy to follow/ understand.

The Future

We progress the exercises onwards making you stronger and more flexible all the while we address the root cause making sure that not only do we reduce your pain we help to prevent further injury to that area.